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Story Summary

Huan Zhu Ge Ge I

This story took place during Emperor Qian Long’s reign in the Qing Dynasty of China. Ziwei and her loyal maid Jinsuo traveled from Jinan to Beijing in search of Ziwei’s father, who happened to be the Emperor Qian Long. Incidentally, in Beijing, Ziwei ran into Xiao Yanzi and the two clicked and in no time at all became sworn sisters.

Since they were now sisters, Ziwei felt it was time to tell Xiao Yanzi about her father. This came as shocking news to politically-indifferent Xiao Yanzi, who eventually agreed to help Ziwei. They planned on sneaking into the Royal Hunting Grounds where, according to their intelligence, the Emperor would be hunting in three-month’s time.

When the actual day came, the three girls had to climb a mountain to reach the hunting grounds without being seen by Imperial Guards. Because Ziwei and Jinsuo had weak bodies, they were not strong enough to climb up. So Ziwei handed Xiao Yanzi her Fan and Painting — her sole evidence of her birthright. Xiao Yanzi, promising to guard the items with her life, went on to deliver the message for Ziwei.

Xiao Yanzi, who knew little kungfu, managed to get atop the hunting grounds… only before an arrow flew into her chest! This fateful arrow, that started the whole story, was shot by Fifth Prince Yongqi, who immediately brought her to the Emperor when he realized it was a person and not a deer.

Xiao Yanzi was half-conscious when brought to Emperor Qian Long… she only managed to ask him if he still remembered Daming Lake’s Xia Yuhe — Ziwei’s mother. Obviously the name bore more than recognition in his eyes, because shocked Qian Long looked at the two items Xiao Yanzi had with her and ordered everyone to march back to the Imperial Palace.

Upon Xiao Yanzi’s arrival in the palace, based on the two items she carried with her, Qian Long convinced himself that she was his daughter and therefore was announced Princess. Showered with the love she never knew in an orphaned life, Xiao Yanzi went along with being Princess Huanzhu — Huan Zhu Ge Ge. After all, when she was done playing Princess, she would return the status to its rightful owner — Ziwei.

Things were not as simple as they seemed. The lie started to turn bigger as the Emperor grew very fond of Xiao Yanzi. So they tried smuggling Ziwei into the palace as a Courtmaid to make the Emperor recognize her as his daughter.

Moments passed by, Fifth Prince Yongqi fell in love with Xiao Yanzi and Fu Erkang — Emperor’s Number One Bodyguard, fell in love with Ziwei. When moment of truth comes, the Emperor was enraged that he was lied to all this time. The three girls were thrown in jail momentarily to accept punishment.

Unfortunately they were bullied in jail by order of the evil Empress, who were very envious of Xiao Yanzi and Ziwei. Erkang and Yongqi finally couldn’t stand it anymore and broke into the jail to rescue their beloved. They planned on roaming the world and leaving the Palace together, when in the end they felt remorseful and went back voluntarily.

In the end the Emperor forgave them all and announced Ziwei as the true Princess, and adopted Xiao Yanzi as his daughter and engaged her to marry his son Yongqi. Seeing that Erkang and Ziwei loved one another, he betrothed the both of them also.

There is of course a lot of obstacles to be endured, romance to be enjoyed, misery to be had, and occasionally, some crying and fighting, but in the end, all was well and happy.


Huan Zhu Ge Ge II

The second part of Huan Zhu Ge Ge opened with Xiao Yanzi, Ziwei, Erkang, and Yongqi outside the palace in a new restaurant that Liu Qing and Liu Hong have opened. This resulted to their being late to attend the welcoming ceremony of the Empress Dowager, which did not bode well with her.

While attending the opening celebration of the new restaurant, Xiao Yanzi and the rest met Meng Dan, a mysterious man not of China with excellent kungfu. Meanwhile, in the palace, they were welcoming the King of Hui Jiang, Ali Hezuo, and his daughter, Han Xiang, who was to be presented to the Emperor as a gift.

However, Xiao Yanzi and the rest found out that Han Xiang and Meng Dan were lovers and that she did not wish to be with the Emperor. So they decided to plan an escape for Han Xiang to join her lover.

If this was not enough problem, the two princesses were each faced with their own problems. The fact that Xiao Yanzi and Yongqi’s engagement was threatened because of Empress Dowager’s dissatisfaction in Xiao Yanzi’s manners and lack of knowledge, devastated the both of them. Then, there was also Qinger, whom Empress Dowager doted on. She wanted Qinger to marry Erkang, instead of Ziwei.

In the midst of it all, they ran into Xiao Jian, a mysterious guy with a sword and flute and an incredible knowledge of literature. He claimed he didn’t know kungfu, but when the Emperor finally ordered for the two princesses to be beheaded because of Han Xiang’s escape, he proved that he was excellent at kungfu by helping Yongqi and Erkang rescue them.

Since they broke out of the Emperor’s hands, the whole lot embarked on a journey to Dali, where there was peace and flowers everywhere. In the mean time, the Emperor grew regretful of driving his beloved children away and so ordered his soldiers to bring them back intact without a single strand of hair injured.

What they all didn’t know was that the Empress was using this opportunity to try and kill Xiao Yanzi and the rest by setting out her own soldiers and ordered them to kill without mercy per the Emperor’s orders.

And so, the whole lot kept running and running from the soldiers, until they were all hurt. One fell down a cliff, one fell off a horse-drawn carriage, one got kidnapped… and so many other obstacles befell them.

However, in the end, because the Emperor missed them so much, he personally came to collect them. They were so moved upon hearing the Emperor’s speech that they could do nothing but go back with him.

In the end, after the Empress’s evil plan was discovered, and after punishments were given, the day of the two pair’s wedding arrived. Xiao Yanzi and Ziwei were getting married on the same day and they all lived happily ever after… that is, until the next Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3!

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